TX state newest  division!

One of the oldest skill toys around! Amazing skill and pin point accuracy make this a mesmerizing skill to watch. Modern innovations is bearing tip technology have pushed the limits of modern skill top to a new place never seen before! Register today to compete! Come see all the amazing skill, or try it yourself!! Judged by the awesomely talented Val Oliver and Miguel Correa. 2018 TXYYC should be a special year for spin-top bringing back championchip freestyles, and ladders!

Spin top Freestyle & Spin top Ladder rules


Check out the last top video Miguel did for Yoyo Factory with their Light up top!!


Spin Top Ladder
General Rules: 
Any spin top may be used for the ladder tricks.
You may change spin top after any attempt.
Players get two attempts at each trick.
Players score is determined as follows:
Successfully completes trick on first try gives player 5 points.
Successfully completes trick on second try gives 3 points.
When a player has missed both attempts, player moves on to the next trick.
After the second complete missed trick, the player is retired.
Score for each is added to give players total score.
No age group distinction. 

Tie Breakers: 
Should a tie-breaker occur, the judges will determine
a tie breaking trick. 

Spin Top Ladder Tricks
All tricks except Spinner and Target must finish with a 3 second spin in the hand.
Trick videos can be found at: https://www.scienceofspin.com/spin-top-tips—videos.html

  1. Spinner
  2. Big Scoop
  3. Target into Flying Disk
  4. SkyRocket
  5. Hackey Top
  6. Arm Walker
  7. Merry Go Round
  8. Crazy 8
  9. Boomerang
  10. Trapeze
  11. Wire Walker
  12. Rock the Baby
  13. Through the Subway
  14. Texas Cowboy
  15. RollerCoaster to Hand (3 reps)
  16. Hop the Fence (3 reps)
  17. Around the World
  18. Wire Walker 2
  19. Trapeze Behind the Back
  20. Blizzard
  21. Corkscrew
  22. RollerCoaster to String (10 reps)
  23. Drumbeat (10 reps)
  24. Lasso