TX State Kendama

We have some amazing Kendama Slayers all over Texas and the South in general!
Amazing talent with players so honed they are like a laser guided drone strike. I cant wait to see what you all have been working on! Bring out those amazingly weird and unique tricks.

Come hang out with friends and make some new friends you didnt know you had!

2018 events!

Speed ladder are set tricks that you try and finish the fastest before the others in your group.
1-2 move on each round untill we crown a champion!

Beginner: 1. Swing Spike- https://youtu.be/myYTX4vvzzg?t=7s 2. Around the Block – https://youtu.be/myYTX4vvzzg?t=11s 3. Tama Grip, Pull up switch grip, swing to Big cup – https://youtu.be/myYTX4vvzzg?t=15s 4. Trapeze to Base Cup – https://youtu.be/myYTX4vvzzg?t=20s 5. Sara grip pull up to big cup, Orbit Big Cup, Basecup, Orbit Base Cup. – https://youtu.be/myYTX4vvzzg?t=24s 6. Airplane – https://youtu.be/myYTX4vvzzg?t=30s

Intermediate: 1. 1 Turn Lighthouse, Falling in – https://youtu.be/myYTX4vvzzg?t=34s 2. Pull up kenflip to Big Cup, Kenflip to Big Cup – https://youtu.be/myYTX4vvzzg?t=38s 3. Airplane, Flip to Lighthouse, Trade Spike – https://youtu.be/myYTX4vvzzg?t=45s 4. Around the World – https://youtu.be/myYTX4vvzzg?t=55s 5. Hanging Spike – https://youtu.be/myYTX4vvzzg?t=1m 6. Pull up big cup, Toss to sara grip Big Cup, toss to Ken grip BASE cup, In – https://youtu.be/myYTX4vvzzg?t=1m4s 7. Airplane Fast hands – https://youtu.be/myYTX4vvzzg?t=1m12s

Advanced: 1. 1 Turn Lighthouse, Dub Lighthouse Flip, In – https://youtu.be/myYTX4vvzzg?t=1m21s 2. Swing Gunslinger, Whirl Wind – https://youtu.be/myYTX4vvzzg?t=1m29s 3. Swing to Nightingale, Lil Bird Turn, Flip In – https://youtu.be/myYTX4vvzzg?t=1m34s 4. Downspike, Juggle, Downspike – https://youtu.be/myYTX4vvzzg?t=1m41s 5. Inward Lunar, flip to Lil cup Lunar, In – https://youtu.be/myYTX4vvzzg?t=1m45s 6. Turntable, Switch grip to Lighthouse, Stunt Plane – https://youtu.be/myYTX4vvzzg?t=1m52s 7. Spacewalk, Handroll, Pull up Juggle to Big Cup, switch to ken grip – https://youtu.be/myYTX4vvzzg?t=2m3s

Ken Battles are games of ken against other players in a single elimination, tournament bracket style event.


Previous TXYYC Kendama greatness below and also the tricks for speed ladder are out so practice up!!!