Hive Spacers set of 4

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Bee hive Spacers! (set of 4)

.75″ wide

3d Printed PLA

5 in stock



 cooler spacers that arent nickles or popsicle sticks!

Bee hive Spacers! They give your hive just enough room to breathe without being so wide everything can get in, or out. 😉 Helps control high temperatures. Simply slide onto bottom sides of middle brood box or super. fits both deep and medium .75″ boxes. orient these N,S,E,W, just the back, just the front, just the sides, just the front and back with no sides it is pretty easy to move them where you think they sit best. (i even have a few that printed smaller if you need some under .75″)

3d Printed PLA (set of 4)


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